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The West Berkeley Design Loop is an exciting and effective organization. We increase the power of local retail home improvement companies by working together, building our internal referral network, and reaching out to the greater Bay Area. In combining our resources we can better compete with corporate chain stores and big box retailers.

Our primary goal is to increase member sales. We strive to achieve that by:

1.Building awareness of West Berkeley as a home improvement district
    (bringing customers to the neighborhood)
    through events, articles, social media-facebook, and our website.

2.Increasing cross-referrals between members
    (keeping customers in the neighborhood longer)
    through our website, brochure, and merchant mixers.




West Berkeley Design Loop

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Every time I hand someone a map and tell them about the Design Loop, they say, "That's a great idea!"

-Lawrence Grown
"We are excited to be a member!"

-Mark Bell


"We have definitely gotten new business from our participation in the Design Loop, especially after the newspaper articles."

-Christa Rybczynski

"It is great to be a part of this!"

-Ecohome Improvement

Privately owned within the Bay Area (members of BuyLocal Berkeley)
Fixtures, Furnishings, Books, etc.
Open to the public regular hours with goods for sale
From Albany to Emeryville, San Pablo Avenue to the Bay
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